There are many guides and information available to match the perfect wine with your meal. Some are spot on yet some can leave us confused and overwhelmed, resulting in us choosing 'anything in a bottle' to accompany our meal. We have compiled a list of Top Tips to help you become a pro when matching your favourite dishes with a bottle of goodness.

Tip 1: Champagne is perfect with anything salty
Sparkling whites like champagne and brut have a subtle sweetness to them. This makes them even more refreshing when served with salty foods.

Tip 2: Sauvignon Blanc goes best with tangy sauces and dressings
Tangy foods won't overwhelm zippy wines like sauvignon blanc. 

Tip 3: Pino Grigio pairs well with light fish dishes
Light seafood dishes will exhume more flavour when matched with this delicate wine.

TIp 4: Choose Chardonnay for a fatty fish dish or fish in a rich-style sauce
This silky white wine is best served in a richer seafood dish such as salmon or any kind of seafood served with a lush sauce.

Tip 5: Riesling pairs best with spicy dishes
The slight sweetness of many rieslings helps tame the heat of spicier dishes.

Tip 6: Pair a dry Rose with rich cheesy dishes
Some cheeses go better with red wine, some with white, yet almost all pair well with a dry Rose which has the acidity of white wine and the fruit character of red.


Tip 7: Pinot Noir is best paired with earthy flavours
Recipes made with ingredients such as mushrooms and truffles pair best with a Pinot Noir which is a light bodied wine but full of savoury depth.

Tip 8: Cabernet Sauvignon is best served with juicy red meat
The firm tannins refresh the palate after each bite of meat.