There are countless types of cocktail tools on the market from shiny copper muddling sticks to glow in the dark shakers. However, don't be afraid to open up your kitchen drawer and look at what utensils you already have to improvise. You may be surprised what you can use in place of professional cocktail bar tools to make a mean cocktail at home. 

Below are the basic cocktail tools that every bartender will own:

  • Boston Shaker
  • Nip Pourer/Measurer
  • Muddling Stick
  • Strainer (hawthorn, julep, fine strain)
  • Bar Spoon

However, with some creative thinking and kitchen-clearing, here is what we recommend you use in place of regular cocktail bar tools:

Boston Shaker: One large glass and one smaller glass. The idea of using a shaker is to have the smaller glass wedge within the large glass that holds the mixer. 
Nip Pourer/Measurer: Cooking measuring spoons with "ml" measurements
Muddling Stick: Wooden spoon or rolling pin, pestle 
Strainer (hawthorn, julep, fine strain): Plastic large stirring spoon; spatula; sifter
Bar Spoon: long end teaspoon

Now that you've collated your kitchen tools and transformed them into your own cocktail kit, roll up your sleeves and get creative to shake, stir and muddle your own drinks at home.