The most important day of any patriotic Aussie is upon us….Australia Day 2017. If you are looking for drink ideas, food options, creative concepts and hot tips, look no further. We are here to help. 

House Preparation & Venue Set Up

If you are having the party at home, take out the mower and make sure your lawn is something your guests can marvel at. No one likes an over-grown lawn to relax on, so get chopping and your guests will be rolling out their picnic rugs in no time! 

The Flag - no Australia Day Party is a true Aussie Party without the flag flying high. Ensure you have this organised ahead of time, so that you can assess the prime position for placement.


Pool Toys - if you are lucky enough to own a pool, even if it is a quickly-purchased inflatable, then you must consider your pool toys. No Australia Day party is the same without an inflatable Kangaroo, Flamingo or Donuts to keep your guests comfortable. 

The Look

You've decorated your home/event space, now it's time to take the direction towards decorating yourself! Temporary Aussie tattoos, flag capes, green and gold wigs and Aussie thongs are all part of the project. In our eyes, the more the better! Remember, a chesty blue Bonds singlet, thongs and a large brimmed hat complete with zinc will put you in the running for 'best dressed' if you are feeling up to the challenge!


Triple J's Hottest 100. Enough said! Make it fun by casting your own votes and bets towards who will make that number one spot!


You can't go past a competitive round of Backyard Cricket to complete your Australia Day entertainment. If cricket is not for you, try the classic "Thong Toss" or even for a little more adventure, "Slip n Slide". 


Don't get slack on the catering department. We recommend keeping up with the traditional Aussie Day treats and including meat pies, sausage rolls, sausages on the barbie, prawns, lamingtons (for the sweet tooths) and who could forget, lamb! 

Drinks (our specialty)

If you are providing the drinks for your guests, remember to include a range of ice-cold non-alcoholic beverages, because it's all about balance! We recommend Bundaberg Ginger Beer (perfect with fresh lime), Cottees Cordial or even a nice cold bottle of Passiona, to keep up with the theme. On the alcoholic side, include a range of Aussie classics like VB, XXXX Gold, Toohey's Extra Dry and some of your local classic brews to support your local brands. The more variety the better! If you are feeling adventurous, a nice Moscow Mule is always a hit on a hot summer's day:

Moscow Mule
45ml Vodka
3 wedges of Lime
Ginger Beer
* Add lime to glass and gently muddle to release the juice. Add Vodka, ice and top with Ginger Beer. 

We hope that our tips will help you to the ultimate Australia Day Party, or if you are not hosting it yourself this year, be sure to send this to your friends!